Built by developers, for developers. Whenever we introduce a new feature or end-point, that is our agenda. SocialScrape is highly user centric and utilises OpenAPI standards to provide maximum transparency and usability for our users. 

Over the years, we’ve developed a mature REST API built on AWS API Gateway to provide a reliable product that delivers predictable results in a swift manner. 

SocialScrape was built after determining a vacuum in the social media scraping market. We determined that there is a lack of reliable scraping APIs out there after testing a few for our own use cases. This gave us the motivation to build SocialScrape from scratch and do it right for not only us but also for anyone looking for a tool to scrape social media platforms. 

SocialScrape uses a pool of reliable ISP IPs, which makes sure that your identity is protected and the applications you build using our awesome API never breakdown or blocked by social media platforms. 

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