Introducing the Twitter Scraper API

We're thrilled to announce that we are now live with our Twitter scraper API. With recent news coming from Twitter that Elon Musk plans to hike up the monthly prices for developers to use the official API and also depreciation of endpoints which Twitter gave little to no notice of sunsetting, we are excited to provide some stability to developers who rely daily on getting data from the social media platform.  

Back in the day, Twitter was a simple ‘microblogging’ system for users to post short tweets, in just 140 characters (now that limit has grown to 280 characters) has made the social media platform one of the most active places to discuss news and current affairs on the internet. 

Twitter has over 330 million users and users tweet more than 500 million times a day. So you can only imagine the amount of useful data that can be utilized for developers to build amazing products on top of.

So what data can be scraped from Twitter?

Track trending topics or discussions that might be important to your company. For example, your brand, your products, countries or cities that you operate in.

Keep an eye on your competition by understanding their followers, the content they post and what engagement they get.

Analyze consumer habits, understand what niches are gaining traction and what is going viral so your brand leverage the traffic

How Do You Scrape Twitter Efficiently?

SocialScrape is the most sound, elegant Twitter scraper tool out there. It’s capable of handling significant volumes of concurrent requests - unlike many tools that will fail under heavier demands. You can also use SocialScrape for Instagram or Tiktok scraping.

It’s fast, simple, secure, and scalable. With a 100% success rate, you’ll never have to worry about being bogged down by your tools. No matter what data you’re hoping to extract from Twitter, our API is up to the task. You can try it out yourself for free - get 100 free API calls as a new user today!

SocialScrape has 2 Twitter endpoints, with more coming soon:

Get started

So what are you waiting for, get started scraping Twitter with SocialScrape. Next step is to create an account and redeem your free credits, test out the API by visiting our docs here. If you run into any problems or need some advice, just email and we'll try to help.

If you need to scrape Twitter, or Instagram and Tiktok at scale or need an end-to-end solution, you can request a custom solution.