Web Scraping 101: Fundamental Concepts and Components

Essentially, web crawling feeds into sync scraping. Once data is crawled, it can be harvested, and the next scraping task can begin. However, the type of scraper and method used depends on the purpose of the scraping needs, timeline, and data collection volume. Standard sync scrapers may face limitations such as timeouts and the need to resubmit tasks.

To overcome these limitations, an asynchronous scraper service may be used, allowing for large batches of requests to be submitted simultaneously and achieving a high success rate without the need for extensive coding or infrastructure. Once the job is complete, a notification will be sent.

The process of web scraping in four steps:

Step 1: The web crawlers visit the specified URLs.
Step 2: The web scrapers obtain the HTML file of the page, parsing it to create a node tree. While some web scrapers only parse the HTML code, more advanced ones render the CSS and JavaScript of the page.
Step 3: The scraper bots extract desired data such as name, address, price, and more, by targeting elements with HTML tags or CSS/Xpath sectors.
Step 4: After harvesting the information, the scraper bots export the data into a structured format such as a database, spreadsheet, JSON file, and more. This data can be used for various purposes.

What About a Web Scraping API?

The benefits of using a scraping API like SocialScrape is that this tool combines a web scraper and an API, acting as a mediator between your computer and the social media platform you want to extract data from.

One of the significant advantages of using a scraping API is the reduced risk of getting blocked. Many scraping API solutions have built-in features that prevent detection of your scraping requests as malicious activities. These features include proxy management, IP rotation, CAPTCHA bypass, and custom headers.

By utilizing these features, your scraping requests are less likely to get blocked, and you can extract valuable data without any hindrance. Learn more about the benefits of using scraping APIs for your data extraction needs.

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