How can instagram scraping be useful for businesses?

Over a billion people actively use instagram each month. Majority (32.1%) of these users are between the ages of 25 to 34. This age group is associated with relatively higher consumer spending and willingness to spend their income on lifestyle purchases. 

Whether you’re a lifestyle brand or a lawyer looking to expand your client base, you can use instagram’s diverse set of users to gain a deeper insight on potential clients. Data from instagram can also help businesses fill the gaps in their marketing strategies.

Using SocialScrape, you can scrape hashtags, locations and even specific information of users like emails, bios, followers and following accounts from instagram. These data points can help in making informed decisions while building a business’ social media presence and answer questions like which hashtags to target, which users to follow and determining the interests of your target audience. 

Now let’s talk about the specific benefits that businesses can achieve by scraping instagram. 

Figuring out Trends 

Say you run a sneaker business. Your sales are highly dependent on building the next most fashionable sneaker. Since fashion is a constantly evolving market, it makes sense to be connected with notable fashion icons and relevant influencers on instagram.

Following their posts and hashtags can provide you a better understanding of what the fashion giants are into nowadays. This can be done by manually browsing instagram and checking them out. Or, you can use a scraping service to scrape their hashtags, their followers and hashtags of their followers to get a bigger picture of the whole market. 

SocialScrape can provide this data, which can be valuable when building the next world famous sneaker and marketing it the right way. 

By analyzing which hashtags performed the best in terms of getting the maximum reach and likes on a post, you can figure out which hashtags you should attach while marketing your sneakers to grab the attention of your preferred influencers and fashion icons. 

Connect to Local Audience

Almost everyone uses instagram nowadays, be it dentists, lawyers or plumbers. It’s a great tool for marketing your skills and building your brand image. If you’re a dentist looking to expand its local clientele then you might consider scraping the local locations and their hashtags to get a better understanding of what the local people are into. 

This can help you then build an active marketing strategy that’ll include the right hashtags on your instagram posts for maximum outreach. You’ll also be able to keep track of what is grabbing the attention of the people around you and figure out a way to use it to market your brand. 

Once you figure out your local audience, the limits are endless on how you interact with them and build trust. Social media marketing is all about engagement and having a backdoor on the interests of your users can be really helpful in building potential-leads. SocialScrape’s API is perfect for this and our interactive dashboard can help you get started quickly. You can start today with $100 worth of free credits without any commitment.   

Sentiment Analysis

Let’s go one step further. You’re a full grown marketing agency helping your clients increase their reach and growing their social media outreach. Figuring out what sort of communication is going around with the relevant hashtags and users can give you a better sense of understanding on how to target potential users. 


Sentiment analysis allows you to study the language of your target audience and figure out whether a hashtag is being talked about in a positive or negative way.

Using a scraping service like SocialScrape, you can extract the textual data associated with a hashtag or a location. This data can be fed into a sentiment analysis tool to analyze conversation around relevant hashtags or locations to figure out a marketing strategy before a new product launch. 

How to Get Started?

If you’re looking to get started on scraping data from instagram then SocialScrape might be the right service for you. We offer a commitment free credit worth $100 to get you started today.

Through SocialScrape, you can currently scrape users, locations or hashtags. Soon we’ll be expanding our API to support stories as well. Our REST API is built on OpenAPI standards and the infrastructure is backed by the robust AWS API gateway, which means we guarantee a 99% uptime apart from when Facebook accidentally messes up their DNS configuration causing a global outage. 

Scraping social media platforms can give you the much needed boost to your marketing strategies. If you need help, feel free to reach us out